026-050 Episodes

034: IT’S A SURPRISE feat. Erich

What’s the word, baby bird? The boys are back and they’ve got company! I mean, if you want to spoil it you can just read the title of the episode.

The boys talk about anime, The Defenders, anime, What Happened to Monday, anime, Fun with Foreigners, anime, and anime!!!!


RL: Best of the Worst…_yO3tPTdQ5XgmmWjA

RLM Rich Evans Laughing

Mr. Plinkett Ghostbusters

Michiko to Hatchin

What Happened to Monday


Eluveitie – A Rose for Epona


Milestone Comics…ilestone_Forever

It wasn’t “Funk Trunk Skunk” it was “Kaboom”

Learn Code The Hard Way

Imagine My Shock

Erich’s Bands

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