026-050 Episodes

039: SHOUJO ME WHAT YOU GOT feat @PiggyNukka

Ya mans Denzel is out of the game! So the cutest couple in podcasting is tackling this episode of the podcast!!!

There’s a lot of anime chat here and I’m pretty sure there’s a cat in that apartment, but I’m not entirely sure.

Chet and Nikki do some couples therapy in regards to Chet’s severe distaste of anime Idols.

Chet does some of that sweet, sweet pop off. God damn. The salt is rich in this one.

Of course there is Neo Yokio talk! The fuck you think this was???

We’re pretty sure Denzel has strep throat and not mono! Which is good, but not great

Tsurezure Children


A Centaur’s Life

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World…e_Beautiful_World

Neo Yokio

SoCal Regionals Results…chrisg-and-more/


Bryan Lee O’Malley…ley#Bibliography

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