026-050 Episodes

046: I ONLY WATCH DUBS feat. @adamhlavac

The gang is here!

The first installment of アニメの人質! [Anime Hostage] takes place. Denzel and Chet are equally surprised by the choices in their show.

Chet and Denzel then discuss the anime that had the biggest impact on their lives.

Denzel chats with a long time friend @adamhlavac about work and nerd stuff!

Chet covers EA news regard Star Wars Battle Front II and its pay to win nature!

The rest of the interview with Adam can be found on


Gundam Vs

Gunslinger Stratos

Vampire Holmes


Thundercats Opening

Japanese Animated Intros for American Cartoons…cartoons/

Delta Zulu

Ghost Stories


Ocean Group

Blind Guardian – Nightfall

Adam Hlavac


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