051-075 Episodes

058: MISSION TO NUT ft. Your Favorite Erich

Erich’s back again!!!

The gang talks about so much stuff! We find out that Erich and Chad are secret furries. The sex kind.

Chad’s finished Yu Yu Hakusho finally and gives his thoughts; Dan feels guilt about watching an anime about horny gambling girls; and Erich really loves Cloverfield Paradox.

Technical issues occur in this episode again. There were a ton a problems in this episode, but at least everyone sounds human! Some of the portions of the of the episode are cut out to get the episode up in time and other parts were cut because of technical problems.


Pop Team Epic Opening

Yu Yu Hakusho

Altered Carbon

The Cloverfield Paradox

Nathan for You



Tod Rogers….e5fe529797c0

Kiong of Kong, Bill Mitchell…ly-mitchell-lied/

Wild Guns

Gun Star Heroes


Chojin sentai jetman

Wave Race

Street Fighter EX 2/3…L233346A2A730E205

Street Fighter EX 3…LA2B3B5E71C9A1048

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross

Shinji Hosoe…CiNgIu9L1o-y_aDG_

Daisuke Ishiwatari…qseLzDvzJwZK1VJNU

Michiru Yamane…rWINqe1GC3T5efyJl

Tim Follin…YvKCBjhSMyalV1qq1

Geoff Follin…L830F1AB7FADA30F1

Pictionary OST…LB8C47C3CC46BD805

Alberto Jose Gonzalez…4Ixq9pgeRYab7nToJ


Lagacy Music Hour

XO Tour Life

Monsters from Mars – Toxic

Strawberry LEtter 23 – The Brother’s Johnson

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