051-075 Episodes


Another week, another episode baybaaaaaaaay!

You’ll notice that something’s missing this time around… That’s right! The guest! Unfortunately, our guest for this week’s show wasn’t able to appear. We’re working on rescheduling. No promises though; we’re bad at them.

Since the gang was somewhat at a loss for this week’s episode, Denzel moved in on a game that SamuraiJakDaFaceRipA suggested with a slight tweak. We hope you cats enjoy it.

Denzel issues an apology to someone who probably will never listen to the show again due to some twitter beef. Mistakes were made ya’ll. Mistakes were made.

And… As it turns out, people actually read this joint! Thanks for letting us know. Denzel was trying to be a little sneaky, but good catch gang.

B: The Beginning

Lost in Space

Reboot: The Guardian Code

Wednesday Night Fights

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