067: HMO, PPO, GMO, GBO Feat. @GreatBlackOtaku

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Waddap! This week the boys have a very special guest joining them, Brennan Williams! A.k.a. The Great Black Otaku A.k.a. Better Woolie. The boy chat about anime, Pacific Rim: Uprising, anime, Ready Player One, anime, and much more (and anime)!!!

Our chat with Brennan starts at 23:28!

Denzel’s brain slowly overheats as this episode goes on because of the illness he’s been nursing for the last few days. Chet stays cool and composed… as always.

Caution, there are spoilers hidden within this episode and they can pop up at any time like any one of the antagonists in the latest vicarious sadism simulator, Welcome to the Game 2. Denzel gives his thoughts on Ready Player One and Pacific Rim Uprising. Though, it’s less so a review and more of an extended rant about how the films are produced. Don’t get it twisted though, there are spoilers.


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