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You’ll never guess why this episode is called what it is! You guessed it, we’ve coined a new term for people who are brazen enough to over-share on social media and have no shame about it! Or is it someone protecting their timeline from people who would seek to do it wrong? Well, whatever. You know at this point it doesn’t mean either of those. It’s about the latest season of Daredevil.

Denzel comes in with oddly glowing reviews of two shows that you wouldn’t him to speak highly of. He also talks a little bit about a run in with a lady on Tinder.

Chet chats about Hunter x Hunter and, as it turns out, he likes Venom! What a surprise!

There’s some wing talk in here that we need your help with. Chime in with your wing tips and tricks.

Note from the author: IfNameEqualsMain, I forgot to talk about COD this week, my bad dude!


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