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We’re back! Chet and Denzel talk about Smash Ultimate, VGAs and SonicFox, and Capcom ads addition!

Have you every thought about what it would look like if you attributed the “burglar” suffix to other fast food companies like McDonald’s Hamburglar? What’s the deal with Hamburglar anyway? A burger obsessed thief. He’s the modern day Wimpy from Popeye. Taco Bell is introducing a new kleptomaniac character called the ShellBurglar. He can’t help but steal any shells that aren’t nailed down. Soft shells, hard shells, sea shells! He’s even stolen shells off the backs of hermit crabs! What a monster.

In this episode we talk about KFC’s Skinburglar. A man who steals all the skin from the KFC’s grilled chicken, fried chicken… and people. Don’t be caught in a KFC after hours, or you could be next.

Imagine Wendy’s Girlburglar — A burglar who steals Wendy Thomas herself. Others would call this “kidnapping”, but we’re rebranding kidnapping! Disrupting the theft of people market! Download our new app, Burglr. It puts everything in your city worth stealing on a convenient map with the ability to filter items from goods to people!

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