101-125 Episodes


Suervelo, the dude who made the new theme song, has a new track and it slaps! Check it out!

This episode is truly all over the place. We don’t know which direction we went on this, to be honest. We started with the eSports dress and talked our way around the universe.

We go over the Armada drama regarding the nixing of Melee from EVO.

This episode follows the old episodes “format”. It’s a long string of connected topics that lead to conversations about everything that comes up.

Anyway, we’ve got a new show dropping at the end of May. This show is officially coming to an end. It was supposed to end at episode 101, but Denzel was too lazy. Everything is set up for the transition. The new show is going to way better.

If you’re on the Patreon, download everything you can, because Denzel isn’t sure what’s staying! The name is going to change and some of the content is gonna be ditched.

The eSports Dress

Melee Removed From EVO

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