101-125 Episodes

121: Rogue Fan Club feat. Lady Obasu

Suervelo, the dude who made the new theme song, has a new track and it slaps! Check it out!!!

Chet is still becomming famous in Los Angeles. Doing what? Who knows. I’d like to imagine that he’s going to be appearing in a telenovela with an eye patch. He’d be having an affair with three generations of the same family, if that isn’t an overdone novella trope.

This week Charles and Denzel are joined by friend Obasu. She’s one of Chet and Denzel’s anime convention friends. They go back quite a bit. She’s a prolific shit poster and her social media information is below.

This week the gang talks about the things that influenced them the most when they were young.

Obasu starts with a about her enjoyment of “Letterkenny”. She also shares with us her dreams for the MCU. Denzel chimes in with his typical chatter. As you would expect, this episode is rounded out with anime talk!


Absolute Must Watch: Letterkenny Clips

RNH 081: Big Single Energy

Charles Stuff


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