101-125 Episodes


Chet and Denzel are back again with another week of that good shit.

The GAWD that made our theme song has another track out! Suervelo!!!!

Chet and Denzel come back with another HEATER. The boys talk about movies. More movies than you know what to do with! This shit is banging.

Chet comes in with a spoiler free review of Detective Pikachu. Denzel takes us to hell with Robin Hood (2018). John Wick 3, which was pretty good, was also reviewed. Lastly, the boys take a dive into “Justice League vs The Fatal Five”!

Chet talks about Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Lots of good stuff in this episode.

Detective Pikachu Trailer (I think. I didn’t watch it)

Robin Hood (2018)

John Wick 3

R. Pat as the Bat

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