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072: FLEXING FROM TOKYO feat. Dave Lang (@JosephJBroni)

The chat with Dave Lang starts at 14:55 and ends at 1:41:40

We have special guest joining us for this episode. The illustrious Dave Lang! Dave is the founder and ‘C3PO’ of Iron Galaxy. He is also the host of Team GFB Radio and Ima Fix Wolves. He joins us to talk about video game and business development, travel, and hip-hop!

Prior to getting into the interview, the boys review a couple things for that ass. Denzel shares his thoughts on ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ and ‘Batman Ninja.’ Chet, being the anime degenerate he is, talks about ‘Uma Musume,’ a show with a critically dumb premise. Imagine being impregnated by interdimensional horses and forcing your children to run in a weird ass race at a school or something.

Lastly, Chet and Denzel answer a few questions from the Reddit!

As a side note, the audio for the episode is a little janky. I’m sorry about that.

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