051-075 Episodes


Waddap gang! It’s another week and another episode! This joint harkens back to our new format! Just like New Coke some people preferred the classic formula. It sucked to be them because it would be some time before Classic Coke bounced back!

Chet’s on his way to Fanime, a northern California anime convention, so we get all the heavy lifting out of the way. We talk about Deadpool 2, that Fahrenheit 451 movie, and the Starship Troopers book.

Denzel brings up his shitty ass run ins with US armed forces veterans and Chet talks about anime. Dumb anime. Anime so dumb, that it made Denzel’s roommate’s clothes shoot off (not the sexist one).

If there is anything in particular you want to hear from Fanime, holler at Chet on twitter or shoot us and email!

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