051-075 Episodes


I stepped into the hellscape that is EDM music videos from mid to late 2000s. Holy shit. This is some dark stuff. Imagine an army of women with the same body type doing weird shit for EDM dweebs.

Fedde Le Grand’s music video for “Put You Hands Up For Detroit” is the perfect representation of the pit that was EDM music videos in the mid to late 2000s. This guy had a bunch on women in his music video in lab coats aimlessly walking around like really shitty sexbots.

Fedde, I think, was a clone in the factory that was supposed to make the perfect man, one that doesn’t want to have sex with sexy lady robots or something. It’s hard to keep up. These Fembots are wearing heels and no pants in the lab, which is some sort of safety violation, I’m sure, and they keep grinding on this clone man and it keeps happening… and happening… and happening!!! MAKE THE NIGHTMARE ENNNNND. REEEEEEEEEE.

Anyway. Denzel talks about “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and Chet brings in Drake, Roseanne, and the “Mob Psycho 100” live action adaptation.

Don’t watch EDM music videos from 2000-2013. Maybe just don’t watch them ever. Fuck.

The Lament Configuration of EDM Music Videos:

Drake’s Diss Track
Octobersveryown – Duppy-freestyle

The Pusha T Response Track
Pushat – The-story-of-adidon

Mob Psycho 100 Live Action Trailer

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