101-125 Episodes


Charles joins Denzel after Chet goes to America’s state that shaped like a weiner. (Boooooo). He’s in Florida for the next couple weeks, it appears.

Denzel reviews the impossibly weird Baywatch film. If it helps, the all of the life guards except one are super hot. You know which one is the token uggo of the group, too. I try not to expose myself to too many sexy people at once, for it may rub off on me. The last thing I need is to be sexy, pfft.

Charles brings in his first impressions of Kingdom Hearts 3. Spoiler alert, he likes it a lot. Imagine my shock!

Charles also brings in his top 5 list of comics. Obviously, he’s a DC Fan Boi and HATES MAHVEL! He didn’t even place at EVO! What a Poseur! The list is below!

5. Green Lantern Mosaic
4. Flash Rebirth
3. Thor God of Thunder
2. Ultimate Spider-Man (The Whole Run)
1. Kingdom Come

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Baywatch (2017) Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer

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