101-125 Episodes


Charles is back this week and we’ve got a whole lot of American comic book talk. We close out the Kingdom Hearts 3 chat this week with Charles’ final thoughts on the game after beating it this last Saturday.

Charles brings in his top 6 deep cut comics that people should check all the way out! The list is below. It’s a pretty solid list of comics you won’t find in the mainstream!

Denzel brings in some anime he watched, BLECH. Charles and Denzel both bring in their ideas for fun comic book movie franchises.

Big shout out to Suervelo! He’s created the new theme for us! Check out his soundcloud! Give his ass a listen. He makes really sweet tunes.

Liam Neeson says some crazy shit

The Rise of the Shield Hero

The Promised Neverland

Charles’ Deep Cut Comics to Check Out

Smallville Season 11

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga

Patsy Walker: Hellcat

Avenging Spider-Man

The Avengers Volume 5

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