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Me and Chad chew through a couple lists they found while browsing the internet. One is the top ten worst movies that should be remade, the correct reason for doing a remake.

The second list is the top 11 anime that should have a live action adaptation. My thoughts on adaptions and remakes are pretty similar. They should be done to add something that wasn’t there before. Or to give a take that’s different enough from the source material that it’s okay being remade. That or it’s gotta be something incredibly shitty that someone wants to take another crack at.

The Evil Dead remake is a good example of the former. Evil Dead was a budget horror film that had some great stuff added to its 2010s counterpoint. The Total Recall remake is the opposite of that. The original is a cult classic and remake was made kind of just to do it. It blows.

Suervelo, the dude who made the new theme song, has a new track and it slaps! Check it out!!!

The Fan Remake of Robocop

Top 10 Worst Movies That Deserve a Remake

11 Great Anime That Deserve Live Action Movie Adaptations

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