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Suervelo, the dude who made the new theme song, has a new track and it slaps! Check it out!!!

Well, well, well. Chet’s gone missing again. How long will he be gone this time? He went for a pack of cigarettes in LA. Will he come back next week? Or will this be like a Telenovella where we think he’s never coming back and he surprises us. We heard that he was lost at sea! Real Nerd Hours Telenovella! MAKE IT HAPPEN FOLKS! I’ll wear an eye patch! We’ll bring in Chet’s brother! Charles will have an evil twin! Erich will marry himself!

This week, Charles and I chat about the new Trailer Park Boys Animate series, as well as Ultraman’s foray into Netflix steaming. Listen to me, definitely Denzel, talk about these things positively.
Charles and I go over a smattering of topics between my reviews and Charles’ research that he brought in.

Charles talks about the lawsuit involving Fawcett Comics, National Comics (DC Comics before it was DC), DC Comics (current day DC Comics), and Marvel Comics, which lead to the creation

Trailer Park Boys – The Animated Series

Ultraman Trailer

Avengers: Endgame Special Look


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